Alkebulan – enabling African businesses

Alkebulan provides financial advisory and arrangement services in the areas of:

  • Asset finance
  • Commodity finance (forex hedging, reserve-based lending)
  • Distressed debt (recovery)
  • Equity raising
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Project finance
  • Regulatory capital + Balance sheet liquidity
  • Structured credit and mezzanine finance
  • Valuations

Alkebulan’s composite solutions-based approach empowers our clients to:

  • Assess the appropriateness of capital structures in the context of their objectives
  • Develop proposals as to different forms of capital, whether in the form of equity, debt or mezzanine financial instruments, the last of which can be a means of optimising the trade-offs between the cost of funding and covenants
  • Consider the implications associated with each of the different capital instruments such as, but not limited to, potential ownership dilution and tax implications
  • Negotiate funding packages which best meet clients’ unique circumstances, such as ensuring appropriate matching of cash flows and currency earnings with associated obligations
  • Minimise perceived credit risk, when applicable, thereby lowering the associated cost of capital
  • Develop mezzanine funding proposals and raise such funding from prospective investors
  • Access sources of funds either through capital raisings or with debt funders

Our association with africapractice

Alkebulan’s partnership with africapractice brings our clients a valuable complement to our skill set: africapractice provides research and analysis on policy risk, stakeholder risk and reputational risk as well as strategic stakeholder engagement that can significantly improve the overall risk profile of our clients. Where relevant we combine africapractice’s political risk analysis and strategic advocacy with our core multi-asset structuring and commercial risk skills to further improve perceptions of our client’s operating environment and gain a fairer cost of capital.